Write the Docs has a specific view around sponsorship. More concretely, we believe that the community comes first, and that sponsors are accommodated after that.

Keeping this philosophy in mind will make the rest of this document make sense, as it’s the root belief that everything stems from.

Hard Rules

We have these rules around sponsorship:

  • Sponsors will follow our Code of Conduct, especially the Sponsors, affiliates, and exhibitors section.
  • Sponsors can’t buy talk slots at our conferences. Any time sponsors will be on stage will be labeled as a sponsorship time.
  • We don’t sell personal information about our attendees to sponsors (e.g., to add to their mailing list).
  • No hard selling of our attendees at the event

Soft Rules

Our community are not your sales leads.

We expect our sponsors to be upstanding members of our community. We expect you to send folks to our conference in order to learn, participate, and collaborate with our wonderful community. After that, we think it’s okay to do some soft pitching of jobs at your company, and demo your product. However, you shouldn’t be hard selling anyone, and please don’t ask people to join your mailing list.