Volunteer roles

Write the Docs conferences have several different roles for volunteers, coordinated by the volunteer coordinator.

Unless otherwise noted, each role has one person assigned during a particular shift. Note that not all roles may apply to each conference.

Room setup

Prepare the main conference hall for the main conference. This can include:

  • Placing posters in the venue.
  • Preparing the bathroom baskets.
  • Setting up banners.
  • Other light physical work.

This is typically scheduled after the pre-conference hike or boat ride, and has two people assigned.

Writing day

Support the organisation and smooth running of the writing day. This is managed by the writing day coordinator. This can include:

  • Answering any questions about the writing day.
  • Directing people to various rooms, tables or schedules.
  • Assist with other tasks as assigned.


Be at the registration desk and handle on-site registration, along with answering any questions from attendees.

Two people are assigned during shifts which are expected to be busy.

Speaker coordinator

  • Finding the speaker, either in the room, or in the speaker room.
  • Ensuring the speaker has everything they need.
  • Giving the speaker their speaker gift, and ensuring they take a hoodie, if applicable.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the main speaker organiser.

Managed by the main speaker organiser.

Talk timing

  • Keep track of the time during each talk.
  • Warn speakers at certain points with signs that are provided.
  • Sound the triangle a few minutes before the session starts, to let people in the break area know the next talk will start soon.

Managed by the main speaker organiser.


Floaters assist with any odds and ends, and requests from other volunteers and organizers. Watching talks during this shift is fine, as long as you are reachable. Do make sure you stay in or very near the venue.

Floaters should also check in with the registration desk volunteer from time to time, and cover for them if they need to take e.g. a toilet/snack break.

Tasks can include:

  • Preparing the badge flair table.
  • Covering for another volunteer who needs a break, or is unable to do their shift.
  • Buying additional supplies (you will be reimbursed).

Unconference / Job fair

Camp out in the unconference / job fair area, and provide general support. Managed by the unconference / job fair coordinator.

This can include:

  • Keeping the space tidy.
  • Answering questions from attendees.
  • Posting the latest unconference schedule on Slack.

Social event

  • Ensure that everyone entering the social event venue has a badge or wristband.
  • Hand out wristbands to people with badges.

Two people are assigned to each shift.