Emcee script

Based on the WTD Bay Area emcee script, this is a general outline of the emcee script for use in virtual meetups. Each emcee should feel free to customize the script and rely on it only as needed to keep things natural without missing key info.

Before the meetup starts

During social networking time:

  • Find out if the speaker will be releasing slides to everyone (and get the link if they’ll be ready in advance).
  • Do a tech check of the slides if needed.
  • Find out whether the speaker prefers questions throughout or at the end.
  • Check with other organizers whetheer there are any announcements.

Before the presentation

Two minutes before announcement time, warn people that it’s coming so they can wrap up networking conversations.

At presentation starting time

  1. Welcome to tonight’s meetup!
  2. Give any announcements (if needed).
  3. By a show of hands if you’re on video, how many here are mostly focus on technical writing for work? Development or engineering? Product? Support? Something else?
  4. Reminder that we’re always looking for volunteers and speakers!
  5. Ask the Zoom host to begin recording. Let participants know they need to accept the agreement to be on a recorded call or it will end the call for them.
  6. Introduce (speaker name) and the topic, usually with the first sentence of the bio and first paragraph of their abstract. Say they will take questions (throughout, and you can raise your hand in Zoom to be called on | at the end).

During the presentation

Prepare a question to ask the speaker to get the Q&A portion started.

Question and answer time

Help the meeting segue to the question and answer time. If needed, assist the speaker in selecting questions and let them know if there are questions in the Zoom chat.

After the presentation

  1. Thank the speaker, (speaker name)!
  2. Thank the Zoom Host, (who created the Zoom call)!
  3. Thank any other organizers who contributed to the meetup and are present!
  4. Announce that we’ll now allow move into breakout rooms by individual meetups.