Overcoming the Plight of Lone Writers


Imagine an aircraft crash and you are the only one alive and stranded on an island. The one who now needs to decide what are the possible ways to stay alive here, the strategies to stay safe from wild animals, grab enough food, gather logistics to ask for help, and still stay sane.

As much as this might sound hypothetical or inapplicable, this is the truth of every lone writer. The lone tech writers who have secured their place in the long run as handling everything from documentation to UX to videos need their heads around strategies. With this, for WTD’20, I wish to cover: - A story around the lone writers - The hurdles of managing writing, editing, and proof-reading altogether. Overcome them by a dignified process and tips&tricks to allow Project Managers or SMEs to look through it - Maintaining a Style Guide: Being the one managing the company documentation in & out, a basic style guide is necessary. What shall we cover in it? - And, the importance of community welfare The presentation would be crisp, loaded with insights, and a bag full of takeaways.

  • Conference: Write the Docs Australia
  • Year: 2020

About the speaker

Ankita Tripathi