Operations Technical Writing for Data Centers


Operations tech writing encompasses both hardware and software, and the challenge is coming up to speed on the intersecting parts of these 2 disciplines. More than any other type of tech writing, operations TW is the art of supporting highly technical, cross-functional teams. Most companies create super secret, bleeding edge technologies to make their data centers efficient, powerful, reliable, economical, and, hopefully, green. There are few opportunities to gain background info to bring yourself up to speed and feel confident about your technical prowess.

This is a little talked about area of TW that's growing in importance and demand. At Google, it's been difficult to find writers qualified to handle the cross-functional complexities/hit the ground running, and the ramp up is steep. I'll address the demands of working in this challenging but fascinating field, as well as some cultural perks such as working with physical engineers (mechanical, electrical, manufacturing), travel, and developing one's photography skills -- and saying goodbye to capturing screenshots.

  • Conference: Write the Docs EU
  • Year: 2016

About the speaker

Joan Wendt