An Alien Looking From the Outside In: Main Takeaways After One Year in Documentation


For 22+ years, I am working in IT – most of this time in the “business-related” part of the game. Roughly a year ago, I decided to change something. Well – still working in IT, and still working in the same company … But I moved from a Product Marketing role (which I hold for about 17 years) to R&D, because the documentation team “made me an offer I couldn’t refuse”.

Of course I interacted with many of our engineers before, and of course I also knew most of the documentation team members before. But in retrospective, I can say that I somehow lived on “another planet” before, and that my first year as documentarian in an open source software company was definitely deeply eye-opening for me.

If you are curious now, join the talk and hear more about my main takeaways regarding documentation in general and the experiences with my team in particular.

  • Conference: Write the Docs EU
  • Year: 2017

About the speaker

Meike Chabowski