Two great teams that work better together: Bridging the gap between Documentation and Customer Support


User assistance (documentation) is basically self-service customer support. Both documentation and customer support are critical to the success of any company, and they work better when they assist and improve each other. How can tap the knowledge of our support agents to improve the documentation, and how can we make the lives of support agents easier in return?

I’ ve worked very closely with customer support and customer success teams for years, and I’ve gone from thinking of them as “the RTFM, turn if off an on again folks” to being their biggest advocate and fan.

Let me tell you how documentarians can work with customer support to turn the F in RTFM from F*** to FANTASTIC!

How does a documentarian work with customer support?

  • Review support tickets manually
  • Set up automated notifications
  • Review difficult cases and solutions with customer support agents
  • Learn about your customers
  • Review ticket metrics, and measure how they change as you add more documentation
  • Have them write!
  • Conference: Write the Docs NA
  • Year: 2016

About the speaker

Neal Kaplan