Measuring the impact of your documentation


How do you prove that docs are key to growing a software business?

Documentarians have long struggled to get buy-in from stakeholders and win more budget because the impact of docs on a company’s bottom line has never been clear.

Things like traffic analysis, at best, tell you whether customers are facing a recurring problem, or if they’re finding your docs easily. Article ratings also help you understand if customers find your docs useful. But to prove that docs actually impact your bottom line, you need to dig deeper.

In this talk, I’ll share new models I’ve designed to help measure if your docs drive customer growth:

  • What would your company look like without docs? (A basic control for measuring success)
  • Do your docs help win new users? (Acquisition-focused attribution)
  • Are users who read your docs more likely to take the key steps to become customers? (Activation-focused attribution)
  • Can docs help convert new customers into loyal advocates? (Retention-focused attribution)

I’ll demonstrate how you can apply these models to your business, with both theoretical and practical advice.

  • Conference: Write the Docs Prague
  • Year: 2018

About the speaker

Liam Keegan