Inclusive environments are better: science says so


Current neuroscientific research on psychological safety dovetails nicely with thinking we already do about inclusive language in our documentation. However rather than start and end with language, I propose building inclusive doc teams, and letting that inclusivity inform our work.

While many organizations are better about creating diversity, many have not yet figured out how to make the environment inclusive—that is, create an atmosphere in which all people feel valued and respected and have access to the same opportunities. Inclusive organizations seek to treat all people with respect, dignity, and impartiality. They bring everyone into the group and exclude no one.

This presentation will outline current research on inclusivity, both scientific and organizational, and suggest practical ways - some of which have been successful on teams I’ve been part of - to use that research to influence our hiring and team-building decisions, leading to better documentation that increases customer satisfaction.

  • Conference: Write the Docs PRAGUE
  • Year: 2019

About the speaker

Ilona Koren-Deutsch