Documenting the Write the Docs Team & European Conference Reminder

We hope you’re having a relaxing summer! We’ve been busy in Write the Docs land, planning our European conference, and also trying to document our internal processes a bit better.

At the conferences we try to be very explicit about our Code of Conduct and who can enforce it. Up til now, we haven’t been doing this nearly as well as we should in our online channels. We are hoping to change that going forward, so that we can make sure that all parts of the Write the Docs community are inclusive and welcoming places.

Documenting our Team

We have built out a team page that lists all of the roles that people currently play in our community. This doesn’t include the wonderful meetup organizers or conference organizers currently, but we’re in the process of more formally documenting those roles as well.

We hope that having explicit teams and points of contact will make it both easier for people to know who is doing what, and also give people who want to volunteer better points of contact.

Write the Docs is a fully volunteer effort, and we really do appreciate everyone who’s involved in our community. Even chatting in Slack or the Forum, or attending a meetup or conference, you are helping to build the wonderful community that we have.

Thanks to everyone who is formally and informally involved in the effort.

Write the Docs Europe 2016 Presentations

We’re tremendously excited to share the lineup for Write the Docs Europe 2016 with you. It was harder than ever to decide on the final talks this year, and we thank everyone who put in the time and effort to submit a proposal. We couldn’t do it without you – all of you!

In the next few weeks, we’ll also be announcing more details of the conference events, including the city tour on Saturday, the writing day and welcome reception on Sunday, and the official party on Monday evening.

Tickets are going fast and we expect the conference to sell out again, so get your tickets now.

We hope everyone continues to have a happy and healthy summer.

The Write the Docs Team