September 18 - 20 in Prague, Czech Republic

Code of Conduct Transparency Report and Videos

Now that the dust settled after the conference, we’d like to give another quick update before we start working on next year’s events.

Code of Conduct Transparency Report

As you know, Write the Docs is an inclusive, friendly, and welcoming community to all documentarians. We have published a report that includes an anonymized list of the violations that we received at this year’s event.

This report is anonymized and published for the sake of maintaining transparency, and to encourage folks in our community to report incidents that might disrupt the atmosphere we are passionate about. Thank you to everyone who reported issues.

We’d like to thank the Django community, who has been pioneering such efforts, for example in the last DjangoCon Europe, their dedication to inclusive, safe spaces in tech communities and events is an inspiration to us, and we hope to see similar efforts in other communities.

Videos are available!

In case you missed our October Newsletter, we’re happy to present to you all the conference videos from this year, uploaded to our YouTube channel and organized into a happy playlist!

We’d like to thank again all our speakers and lightning talk presenters for investing time, effort, and love into their presentations. Each year we see growth in both the diversity of topics and the spectrum of the roles that are represented in our conferences, and we hope to keep seeing this in years to come!