Job Fair

Job Fair

Connecting people with potential employers has always been a core benefit of attending Write the Docs, so we’re excited to introduce some more structure to that connection.

Documentarians looking for jobs will be able to talk to employers to learn about the company culture, ask about specific job openings, and talk to current employees.

If you’re an employer looking to fill a role, you can find information about reserving a job fair spot in the sponsorship prospectus.


  • Date & Time: May 9, 9:45am-12pm Pacific Time.
  • Location: Library & Astoria room (Bottom floor).

Full schedule information is available on our Schedule page.

Useful tips

Tips for Attendees

If you’re attending the Job Fair, it helps to do a little work up front:

  • Come up with a few questions you will ask folks from the company. Some options here include questions about work culture, documentation tooling, or hybrid work situations.
  • Prep a resume or have a business card on hard to easily share your contact info.
  • Plan to ask for a card or contact info for the jobs that you like, so you can also be proactive in outreach.
  • Browse for possible options you are interested in at the Write the Docs job board:

Tips for Sponsors

If you want to maximize your contacts with potential new employees, make sure to:

  • Ensure you have some fun swag items or handouts available for folks who are interested in your jobs.
  • Post your job postings to the Write the Docs job board:
  • Make sure your booth staff are registered before the conference starts.

All sponsor contacts will receive details about posting jobs and registering a few weeks before the conference.