Announcing the Writing Day Call for Projects

Announcing the Writing Day Call for Projects

Hey folks! We were so thrilled with your response to Writing Day last year that we are launching a Call for Projects submission form!

For projects submitted by March 28, 2024, we’ll highlight your project on our social media, as we learned last year that projects that submit their information before the conference have higher attendance. In fact, perusing project details encourages documentarians to join us earlier, stay longer, and check out multiple projects.

Our attendees are curious and want to know about you, your project, and your community - so let’s give the people what they want!

You are of course welcome to submit and announce your project at Writing Day. This is a time honored tradition and we appreciate all of our projects.

Call for Projects

Bringing your project to Writing Day is a wonderful way to introduce your mission and community to Write the Docs attendees.

The Write the Docs conference has many enthusiastic attendees. These attendees, documentarians, want to learn new technologies, sharpen their skills, and add to their portfolios. The world of open source has a seemingly endless number of wonderful open source projects. Documentarians want to write the docs, your open source project docs.

We are looking for community/OSS projects for our in-person Writing Day at the Portland conference on April 14.

The Call for Proposals submission form is open until 11:59 PM, March 28, 2024 PST.

(If you’d prefer not to attend an in-person event due to COVID-19 or any other reason, keep an eye out for our Atlantic conference held online in timezone selected for accessibility.

Writing Day Resources

You don’t have to be a developer advocate, community manager, or project lead - though you’re all welcome. Anyone with enthusiasm for their project and community is welcome to bring it to Writing Day!

If you’re excited about Writing Day and want to lead a project but not sure where to begin, we have tips and tricks for project leaders to help maximize your experience.

If you need additional information to advocate for Writing Day in your community, or help persuading your corporate benefactors on the benefits of attending Writing Day, see the Convince Your Community resource.