Shirts are on sale, Call for Proposals is closing soon

Shirts are on sale, Call for Proposals is closing soon

Greetings, documentarians in Europe and beyond! We hope you’re doing alright and staying safe wherever you are.

Today we’re happy to announce that we launched our T-Shirt Pop-Up Shop (for a limited time only!) and to remind you that the Call for Proposals is closing at the end of this month, so if you haven’t submitted your proposal, now is the time.

Shirts on sale

The Write the Docs Prague 2021 Pop-Up Shop is open, and starting this year we updated the logo to include the year of the conference. You can order loose and fitted options from different fabrics, and you can choose exactly the size and cut you want.

The campaign will run in 3-day batches until November 1st. Shipping is available from the USA or Europe. However, due to the global shipping situation, we recommend you order your shirt at least 2-3 weeks in advance if you want to sport your new threads during the conference.

Submit your talk by June 30th

There are still a few days left to submit your proposal! Check out the Call for Proposals page for more details about what we are looking for.

And if you already have an idea but you’d like to brainstorm it with someone from the community, you can always ask for feedback on the Write the Docs Slack. The community is there to help!

We’ll then be reviewing all the talk proposals, and will be contacting everyone who submitted a proposal by July 16, 2021.

Support our community by sponsoring

Every year we are fortunate to have the support of like-minded organizations and communities, who believe in the collaborative and welcoming community spirit and help us make our events great.

We have published our virtual sponsorship prospectus for the conference, and are open for new sponsorship inquiries.

We will still run the job fair, helping documentarians and organizations connect with each other. Check out the sponsorship prospectus for more details and to reserve your spot today.

Thanks so much to the following companies for supporting the Prague conference this year:

Looking forward to seeing you all in our virtual space!