Newsletter Sponsorship

Write the Docs is a community focused on all things related to software documentation. Our newsletter is a monthly update for all the folks in our community. Sponsorship of the newsletter does two things:

  • It allows us to cover the cost of producing the newsletter for our community
  • It allows you to get your name and message in front of our audience of Documentarians

You can see our newsletter archives to get a better idea of the content that we produce.


Our audience is made up of technical writers and decision makers in the software documentation industry. The current newsletter stats are:

  • Over 5,000 subscribers
  • 37% open rate
  • 6% click rate
  • 70% of subscribers are based in the United States

We don’t have specific demographic data for our newsletter, but our conferences are made up of:

  • Technical Writers (60%)
  • Developers (10%)
  • Support Staff (10%)
  • Managers (10%)
  • Community Contributors, Enthusiasts & Other Folks (10%)


We publish the newsletter 10 times a year. The months that we skip are January and August. In January we do a community update, which goes to the same list and has the same sponsorship opportunities.


The price for reaching our audience is $350 per month.

You can pay for the newsletter via our online payment form.


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Please email us at in order to purchase a newsletter sponsorship.