Slack Network Sponsorship

Write the Docs is a community focused on all things related to software documentation. Our Slack network is the beating heart of our community, where thousands of documentarians hang out regularly to chat. Sponsorship of our Slack network does two things:

  • It allows us to cover the cost of moderating and managing our Slack community
  • It allows you to get your name and message in front of our audience of Documentarians

You can join our Slack and read some of the messages to get a feel for the community.


Our audience is made up of technical writers and decision makers in the software documentation industry. The current Slack stats are:

  • Over 17,000 users
  • 100+ channels

We don’t have specific demographic data for our Slack, but our conferences are made up of:

  • Technical Writers (60%)
  • Developers (10%)
  • Support Staff (10%)
  • Managers (10%)
  • Community Contributors, Enthusiasts & Other Folks (10%)

Content Guidance

The provided copy must respect our general Slack Rules and Code of Conduct. All other community engagement by your employees, contractors, or other affiliates must respect the general Slack rules.

With regards to the No Sales-Y Content rule, sponsored posts have an exemption to the No Direct Pitches, No links without context, and No Brands subrules. We would still ask that you review the Be Transparent rule, as it is likely to improve the community reception of your copy.

Write the Docs reserves the right to request changes to or reject copy that violates the Slack Rules or Code of Conduct.


We currently allow 1 sponsored post per month on our Slack. We aim to send these during the first week of the month, but can be flexible if we haven’t sold our current month.


The price for reaching our audience is $350 per month.


Please email us at in order to purchase a Slack sponsorship.