Write the Docs Community Board Quarterly Update Q2-2024

Greetings, documentarians! Mikey Ariel here, chairperson of the WTD community board. I’m happy to share with you the second quarterly update for 2024.

To catch up on previous quarterly updates, check out the community board blog posts archive.

Q2 quarterly meeting highlights

Our Q2 meeting covered several initiatives that the team leads started working on in the beginning of the year as well as some conference-related topics:

  • Trello has announced a pricing change for paid plan and stricter limits for free plans. Since WTD uses the Trello free plan to manage our conference and community project tracking, we have been impacted by this change. In order to preserve accessibility of the project boards to our team leads and their teams, we are launching a pilot to try GitHub Projects for some of the community boards, starting with the meetup organizer board. If this pilot is successful, we will continue to migrate relevant boards to GitHub per agreement with the team leads.
  • Hopin has also announced a pricing change for their virtual conference platform, and the Atlantic conference chair Sasha has been investigating alternatives. The current front-runner to replace Hopin is Venueless, which is connected to the Pretalx platform where we already manage our calls for proposals. The selected replacement platform for the Atlantic conference will be determined and announced in June 2024.
  • The WTD Slack has been experiencing a relief from the high volume of spammer blog posts, and the moderators have not had to handle as many reports as this time last year. Janine will continue to coordinate with her team on any new issues that might come up.
  • The Portland conference was once again a resounding success, and the event producer Katie Janovec has fully been onboarded to the team. Conference dates for 2025 are being finalized with the venue and the producer, and will be announced in the Portland mailing list and Slack as soon as they are ready.
  • The Australia conference team has been selecting venues and finalizing dates, at the time of this blog post the dates are already announced in the Australia mailing list and Slack.

As always, the board continues to review the community backlog to determine what are the most valuable efforts for the community in the short and long term.

What is the community board

The Community Board exists to curate the overall strategic direction of the community teams.

The board members are team leads for each WTD team, as well as the conference chairs of our various conferences:

  • Mikey Ariel (CoreOps, brand and design, board chair)
  • Eric Holscher (CoreOps, Portland chair)
  • Samuel Wright (CoreOps, infrastructure)
  • Sasha Romijn (CoreOps, support, Atlantic chair)
  • Rose Williams (meetups)
  • Janine Chan (Slack moderation)
  • Aaron Collier (newsletter)
  • Swapnil Ogale (Australia chair)

The community board meets quarterly in real-time, and provides monthly asynchronous status updates. Board members can share the status of what they’re working on and request any help to keep the various teams functioning effectively.

Thank you

Thanks again to the team leads that participate in the community board, and to all the team members (mostly volunteers!) who work diligently to support the community and each other. If you want to join any of the WTD community teams, check out the Team page for team descriptions and contacts.

See you in the next update, and wishing everyone a joyous and productive 2024!

Mikey and the community board