Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our conference is run by a dedicated team consisting mostly of volunteers. This page outlines the folks who are helping get things done, and what their roles are.


Swapnil Ogale

Swapnil initiated Write the Docs in Australia in 2016. He is fortunate enough to live in one of the world’s most liveable cities - Melbourne, Australia. While he is not travelling, trying out new food or building a mini library by visiting bookshops and fairs, he works as a technical writer at Amazon Web Services Australia.

Sarah Maddox

Sarah is a technical writer at Google. Seven years ago, Sarah joined Google to write the docs for the Google Maps APIs. Since then she’s worked on various products, including cloud, machine learning, and now internal engineering docs. When not writing, Sarah loves to walk in the Australian bush, talking to the birds and musing about mushrooms.

Nicola Nye

Nicola has spent much of her life wearing various hats for Melbourne’s internet startups: programmer, QA, BA, PM and other acronyms. Now she’s the Communications Manager for FastMail, helping people to help themselves. Technology is useless if nobody knows how to use it! She’s overly fond of bad puns, because word jokes are the best. One day she will transform into a ninja-pirate-unicorn but that day has not yet come.

Russell Dickenson

Russell Dickenson is a Senior Technical Writer at Red Hat. He’s been a technical writer for 7 years, prior to that a systems administrator for over 20 years. His prior experience in support drives his passion for product documentation. He is also open source software advocate, husband, and father of three children.

Jared Morgan

Jared has been a Technical Writer for about 17 years now. When he’s not helping organisations plan and deliver documentation as a product, he co-hosts the Write the Docs and BlahCade Pinball Podcasts, and restores pinball machines to their former glory.

Primary Roles

You can read descriptions of all the roles in our Event Roles doc.

Filled Roles

  • Conference chair - Swapnil Ogale
  • Swag coordinator - TBA
  • Speaker wrangler - TBA
  • Infrastructure chair - TBA
  • Lightning Talk coordinator - Jennifer Appleby
  • Communication chair - Swapnil Ogale
  • Volunteer coordinator - TBA
  • Sponsorship - Swapnil Ogale, Sarah Maddox, Nicola Nye, Russell Dickenson
  • Unconference coordinator - TBA
  • Emcee - Jared Morgan

Organizers Needed

  • Welcome Wagon coordinators - TBA
  • Explore Melbourne coordinator - TBA
  • Social media chair - TBA