Workshop: Let’s create a Style Guide!

Workshop: Let’s create a Style Guide!

This workshop is for writers who have never used, or don’t currently have, a Style Guide in place.

We’ll briefly demonstrate the importance of a Style Guide through practical examples, and then we’ll look at some real-life Style Guide varieties before we launch into creating a Style Guide on the spot, through a collaborative workshop.

Expect to learn more about the “correct” way to write headings, use capital letters, express dates, times and numbers and much more!


  • Date & Time: Friday, 16th November 2018, 2.30pm-3.30pm.
  • Location: Performance Space. Find out more: About the Venue


None – you don’t even need to know what a Style Guide is before attending.

You may want to bring along a notepad or laptop to take notes though.

Cost (none)

The workshop fee is included in your conference admission. There is no extra charge for the workshop.

Who’s welcome

All conference attendees are welcome! This workshop is for anyone who:

  • doesn’t currently use a Style Guide
  • does currently use a Style Guide, but wants to improve or refine their style
  • wants to improve the consistency of their writing
  • wants to learn more about what Style Guides are and the benefits they can offer.

This workshop will encourage thoughtful insights and discussion on various style options available, and will offer you the opportunity to ask any questions you have throughout the workshop.