Workshop: Static Site Generators, What, Why and How!

Workshop: Static Site Generators, What, Why and How!

As many documentation teams move towards a docs-as-code workflow, most are turning to static site generators like Sphinx, Jekyll, Hugo, or Gatsby to turn that “code” into user-facing documentation websites.

In this mini-workshop, you’ll get an introduction to the static site generator landscape, and apply what you learn by publishing your own site in class.

We’ll cover:

  • How static site generators work
  • Comparison of popular generators, with guidelines for choosing one for your next project
  • Hands-on editing and publishing of your own statically generated portfolio website


  • Date & Time: Friday, 16th November 2018, 3.40pm-4.40pm.
  • Location: Performance Space. Find out more: About the Venue


  • Bring a laptop with an internet connection to participate in the hands-on portion of the workshop.
  • For ease of setup, we’ll be using the GitHub web UI to work on the websites we’ll create in the workshop. You don’t need to know anything about Git, but you will need to have a GitHub [] account (free).
  • No programming experience required.

Cost (none)

The workshop fee is included in your conference admission. There is no extra charge for the workshop.

Who’s welcome

All conference attendees are welcome! The workshop is intended for anyone who would like to learn more about static site generators, whether you have experience programming or not.