After the conference and unconference days, we will host three days of Open Help team sprints. Open Help has hosted sprints for major open source projects like GNOME, Mozilla, WordPress, and FreeBSD.

The sprint days allow entire open source teams to come together and collaborate. Your team sets its own agenda, but we’ll have a few cross-team activities to help you learn from other open source projects. If you’re new to doc sprints, we can help facilitate. If you’re experienced, the reins are yours.

We provide the space, whiteboards, flipbooks, sticky notes, snacks, and even a rooftop patio you can work from. You just provide the smart people.

Don’t have a project to bring? That’s OK too. We have plenty of open coworking space if you want to stick around. You might just find yourself part of a new open source project by the end.

Still not sure what this is all about? Contact us at cincinnati@writethedocs.org with any questions.