The unconference at the Cincinnati edition will be a little bit different. We’re devoting an entire day to open discussions, and we’ll have reports from each session so that everybody can learn, even if they can’t attend every session they wanted.

We will put together the full list of topics on Saturday (the day before the unconference). But you can help your fellow attendees right now by suggesting topics early. To suggest a topic, you can submit a pull request against this page, email us at cincinnati@writethedocs.org, or drop a note in the #cincinnati channel on the Write the Docs Slack.

  • Content strategy
  • Linters and checkers
  • Structured writing
  • Release notes
  • Analytics
  • Translations


The unconference will be all day Sunday (August 19) except for a short break for lightning talks. See the Schedule page for a rough outline of how the day will go.