Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Our conference is run by a dedicated team consisting mostly of volunteers. This page outlines the folks who are helping get things done, and what their roles are.

Primary Roles

You can read descriptions of all the roles in our Event Roles doc.

Filled Roles

  • Conference co-chair’s - Shaun McCance & Hillary Fraley
  • Swag coordinator - Mikey Ariel
  • Speaker wrangler - Hillary Fraley
  • Infrastructure chair - Sam Wright
  • Sprints coordinator - Shaun McCance
  • Communication chair - Mikey Ariel
  • Sponsorship lead - Eric Holscher & Shaun McCance
  • Unconference coordinator - Shaun McCance
  • Venue coordinator - Shaun McCance

Organizers Needed

  • Emcee - TBA
  • Lightning Talk coordinator - TBA