About the Venue

About the Venue

Our venue is Union Hall at 1311 Vine Street in Cincinnati. Union Hall is a nineteenth-century beer hall that has been given new life as a coworking space and technology accelerator. The venue is in Cincinnati’s historic Over the Rhine neighborhood, easily walkable, connected to downtown, and surrounded by restaurants and entertainment. Union Hall is a short walk to two stops of the Cincinnati streetcar, a three-mile loop through downtown and Over the Rhine that connects the riverfront, hotels, restaurants, and major Cincinnati landmarks.

While visiting, guests are free to use any of the open coworking space. Please do not use the conference or huddle rooms without booking them. Guests may also use kitchens on the first, second, and fourth floors. Please do not use the third-floor kitchen.


Write the Docs strives to be inclusive of all people. Please let us know if you have any specific needs we haven’t addressed.

Wheelchair and mobility needs

All of Union Hall is wheelchair-accessible, except for a couple of conference rooms that we will not use. The main hall is a few steps up from the rest of the second floor and requires the use of a second elevator located right next to the steps. The stage does not have a permanently installed ramp. Please contact us at cincinnati@writethedocs.org if you are presenting and require accommodations.

Low vision or hard of hearing

Preferred seating will be provided for attendees who request it. Please contact us about any lighting requirements you may have, and we will do our best to meet them.

Dietary requirements

We aim to meet all dietary requirements. When purchasing a ticket, you will be asked to list any restrictions you have.


Accessible restrooms are clearly marked and easy to find.

The venue does not have gender-neutral or family restrooms available. However, the restrooms on the third and fourth floors are single occupancy. Use the restroom for the gender with which you identify.


Union Hall has set aside one of its private phone rooms for nursing. The nursing room is on the first floor and is clearly marked.

Quiet space

There are small booths on the third floor for those who need a break. Although not a dedicated quiet room, they are somewhat secluded. Please do not socialize on the third floor.

Did we miss something?

Have we neglected something you need, or is there something not mentioned that would make your attendance possible or improve your experience? Please email us at cincinnati@writethedocs.org, and we’ll do what we can to provide it.