The conference focused on all things related to software documentation.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Aug 18-22, 2018

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What is Write the Docs?

Write the Docs brings everyone who writes the docs together in the same room: Programmers, Tech Writers, Support, Designers, Developer Advocates, and more. We all have things to learn from each other, and there’s no better way than sitting together and talking.

We invite you to join 75-100 other folks in our event to explore the art and science of documentation.

What is Open Help?

The Open Help Conference features two days of presentations and open discussions. In true open source spirit, our discussions and agenda are led by our attendees, allowing you to learn and share what matters to you most. With some of the most interesting people in the industry, the Open Help Conference showcases the ideas that are shaping the future of help.

What is this event?

This event combines the two communities and conferences. We will have one day of Write the Docs-style talks, followed by one day of combined Write the Docs and Open Help discussions. Then we'll have an Open Help-style three-day documentation sprint.

Schedule Overview


Aug 18

Talks on all things documentation. We’ll have a variety of speakers on the stage sharing their experience and knowledge.


Aug 19

Unconference discussion and open space. Share ideas and discuss problems with others from the documentation community. Anyone can suggest and lead a session on any topic.


Aug 20-22

Documentation sprints and writing days. Get together with other documentarians to work on your docs and learn some new skills. Don't have a team to bring to the sprints? Join us anyway--get involved with an open source project and learn from the people who are pioneering documentation sprints.

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