Call for Proposals Reminder

Call for Proposals Reminder

Hello, fellow documentarians!

The Write the Docs Cincinnati + Open Help conference is now a little over two months away, so we hope you’re getting excited for another inimitable Write the Docs experience in beautiful, historic Cincinnati!

Tickets are still available. Our thanks to everyone who has already purchased theirs!

Submit your talk by Monday

Although the deadline is fast approaching, there are still 5 days (including 1 weekend!) left to submit a talk proposal for Write the Docs Cincinnati + Open Help! We’ll be accepting proposals until Monday, June 18 at Midnight PST.

If you’re interested in pitching a talk, but you need some ideas or guidance, check out our Call for Proposals page. If you’ve got an idea, but you’re having a hard time getting your proposal to come together, you can always ask for feedback on Slack. Your fellow documentarians are there to help!

We can’t wait to see your submissions! We’ll be reviewing all the talk proposals later this month, and announcing the full conference schedule in mid-July.

A schedule overview

This event is a bit different than the other Write the Docs events we’ve done in the past. It has a much longer portion devoted to sprints, with one full day devoted to both talks and unconferences. Here’s a quick overview of the schedule:

  • Saturday Aug 18: Talks on all things technical documentation. We’ll have a variety of speakers on the stage sharing their experience and knowledge.
  • Sunday Aug 19: Unconference discussion and open space. Share ideas and discuss problems with others from the documentation community. Anyone can suggest and lead a session on any topic.
  • Monday-Wednesday Aug 20-22: Documentation sprints and writing days. Get together with other documentarians to work on your docs and learn some new skills. Don’t have a team to bring to the sprints? Join us anyway–get involved with an open source project and learn from the people who are pioneering documentation sprints.

You are welcome to attend for as many days as you wish. Don’t feel like you must come for everything if you don’t have time, but do try and come for all that you can.

More details coming soon

We are currently hammering out the last details for this inaugural event. Expect to hear about volunteer opportunities, the social event, the unconference, and more in the next few weeks.