Announcing speakers

Announcing speakers

Hello, documentarians! Today we’re happy to announce the full list of talks and speakers for the 2021 Prague virtual conference.

Every year talk selection gets more and more difficult as we get a larger, stronger batch of submissions. Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to send us a pitch – we literally wouldn’t have an event without you!

Full speaker line-up

Every year, we look to bring a wide range of voices to the Write the Docs stage. Because being a documentarian can mean different things to different people, we aim for a line-up that spans a good mix of practical, philosophical, and technical topics – with the odd whimsical one thrown in for good measure.

We’re really excited about the presentations we’ve got this year – we hope you are too!

  • Lana Brindley (she/her) – More than words: Reviewing and updating your information architecture
  • Karen Sawrey – Hustling for Fun and Profit as a Technical Writer: A Freelancing Starter Kit
  • Fabrizio Ferri-Benedetti – When documenting is designing: How to assist API design as a technical writer
  • Jenn Leaver – Docs leadership: How to become a stronger leader for your team
  • Anita Diamond – Cognitive Ergonomics in Technical Writing - Lessons from the Field
  • Lukas Reußner – Hitchhiker’s Guide to Documentation Tools and Processes
  • Felicity Brand – How to write a book for (and with) an open source community
  • Anna Korinna Németh-Szabó – Alchemy in Adversity (How to become better and more resilient tech writers in a turbulent work environment)
  • Victor Sluiter – Adventures in setting up a knowledge system for a research group
  • Kate Santo – From travel content to technical content: my journey
  • Kevin Hwang – Customer Feedback is the Fuel in our Engine
  • Ryan Macklin (he/they) – So you need to give bad news to users…
  • Kat Stoica Ostenfeld – How I use applied linguistics to be a better technical writer

Head over to the Speakers page to see the full abstracts. We hope that there’s something there for everyone to enjoy, and also something that will broaden your horizons a bit.

Tickets are going fast!

If you don’t have your ticket yet, now’s a great time to snap one up. Conference tickets have sold out for the last several years, and they go faster along with the speaker announcement, so if you’re planning to attend, don’t leave it to the last minute.

Buy your tickets here!

Our Opportunity Grant program is still open until August 15th. If buying a ticket is difficult for you, please don’t hesitate to apply to the grant program.

Meetup organizer discount: As a thanks to our meetup organizers, we’re happy to offer you a 50% discount on your tickets. Please email us at, tell us which meetup you organize, and we will send you registration instructions.

Thanks to our sponsors

We are so grateful to have our sponsors help in bringing these events to life every year. Thanks sincerely to the following companies for supporting the Write the Docs community:

Head over to our sponsorship prospectus for details on how your company can get involved! We have several types of sponsorship available, including tables at the job fair that we’ll be hosting on Tuesday.

And that’s the latest on the Prague conference. We hope you’re all getting as excited as we are! Stay tuned for more details.

The Write the Docs Team