Archived or inactive groups

We wanted to list inactive and archived Write the Docs groups to acknowledge all of the hard work organizers and volunteers.

Groups are categorized as paused, inactive, or archived:

  • Paused groups: A group or program that is on hiatus
  • Inactive groups: A group that is still listed on but has not hosted an event in 12+ months
  • Archived groups: A group that has been removed* from

* Archived groups may include a group that is in the process of being removed from

Paused groups

Thank you Alyssa Rock for leading the Quorum program and spearheading both groups.

Inactive groups

  • Paris, France <>. Thank you François Violette for organizing.
  • Ottawa, ON, Canada <>. Thank you Andrew Johnston for organizing.
  • Istanbul, Turkey. Thank you Uğur Arıcı for organizing.
  • Dublin, Ireland. Thank you Vladislava Grosu for organizing.
  • Budapest, Hungary. Thank you Rob Gillespie for organizing.
  • Seoul, Korea. Thank you JiHwan Leo Hyun, SeungHo (Alan) Kim for organizing.

Archived groups

  • North England. Thank you to Rachel Johnston and Sam Wright for organizing.
  • Philadelphia, PA (USA). Thank you Nathan Melehan, Leslie Salazar, and Andy Stevens for organizing.
  • Nashville, TN (USA). Thank you Pratishtha Singh for organizing.
  • Indianapolic, IN (USA). Thank you to Kevin Kuhns, Rachel Mahan, and Kelsey Lambert for organizing.
  • Chicago, IL (USA). Thank you Anthony Sansone for organizing.
  • Karlsruhe, Germany. Thank you Jana Aydinbas and Björn Wewer for organizing.
  • Rhineland, Germany. Thank you Juliane and Andrew for organizing.
  • Vilnius, Lithuania. Thank you to those who organized.
  • Indonesia. Thank you to those who organized.