Write the Docs Community Board Quarterly Update Q4-2023

Greetings, documentarians! Mikey Ariel here, chairperson of the WTD community board. I’m happy to share with you the fourth and final quarterly update for 2023.

To catch up on the previous quarterly updates, check out the community board blog posts archive.

Q4 quarterly meeting highlights

Our Q4 meeting covered multiple new topics and follow-ups on previously discussed topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Slack moderation in times of increased spamming
Our Slack space has always been safe and friendly to our community members. However, recently there have been more reports to the moderation team about “spam” posts. While not necessarily malicious, these are mostly self-promotion links to blog posts and articles without context and off-topic for the channels where they’re posted. The Slack moderation team has been diligent and thorough in handling these reports, and they will continue to monitor the channels alongside our dedicated community members who help with these reports.
Meetup organizer mailing list and survey

In Q3, Rose from the Meetups team launched a meetup organizer survey to find out which meetups were still active. The results of the survey are still coming in, but so far she was able to determine that multiple meetups were not active and did not have plans to resume their activities in the near future. These meetups will be offboaded from the WTD subscription plan, and if they decide to resume activities then they will be able to restart their subscription.

Several other meetups confirmed that they are planning to or in the process of resuming their activities. To help the meetups coordinate their events and learn about other regions’ meetups, the meetup organizers were invited to subscribe to a new shared calendar where all the meetups can be listed.

Once again, we appreciate all of the hard work that meetup organizers do to keep their communities engaged, and will continue to work with the meetup teams to adapt to the current global landscape. If you want to start a new meetup or join an existing meetup, check out the Meetups page on our website.

2023 salary survey promotion
The 2023 salary survey officially launched in September, and we are seeing lots of responses coming in, as well as valuable feedback from the participants. We are working on social media prompts to remind the community to participate before the survey closes at the end of this year, and special prompts for contractors and freelancers that will help us get enough responses to the survey.

As always, the board continues to review the community backlog to determine what are the most valuable efforts for the community in the short and long term.

What is the community board

The Community Board exists to curate the overall strategic direction of the community teams.

The board members are team leads for each WTD team, as well as the conference chairs of our various conferences:

  • Mikey Ariel (CoreOps, brand and design, board chair)
  • Eric Holscher (CoreOps, Portland chair)
  • Samuel Wright (CoreOps, infrastructure)
  • Sasha Romijn (CoreOps, support, Atlantic chair)
  • Rose Williams (meetups)
  • Janine Chan (Slack moderation)
  • Aaron Collier (newsletter)
  • Swapnil Ogale (Australia chair)

The community board meets quarterly in real-time, and provides monthly asynchronous status updates. Board members can share the status of what they’re working on and request any help to keep the various teams functioning effectively.

Thank you

Thanks again to the team leads that participate in the community board, and to all the team members (mostly volunteers!) who work diligently to support the community and each other. If you want to join any of the WTD community teams, check out the Team page for team descriptions and contacts.

See you next year for the first quarterly update of 2024!

Mikey and the community board