Write the Docs Community Update - August 2023

Hey there documentarians!

Eric Holscher here filling in for the Newsletter team as they take their normal August break.

We’re looking forward to seeing everyone online for our virtual Atlantic on September 10-12. The event is scheduled to be available for both folks in EDT and CEST timezones. Tickets are still on sale until a few days before the event, so grab yours now if you haven’t yet.

We’re also getting excited about our upcoming Australia conference on December 7-8 in Melbourne. The Australia conference CFP is open for a few more weeks if you have ideas, and can make it to Melbourne.

We held our first in-person Portland conference since 2019 this May. It was lovely to see all the familiar faces, and explore our new venue in Portland. The photos and videos from the conference are available if you haven’t caught up with them yet.

2024 Conferences

We are still in the planning phrase for our 2024 conferences. We expect Portland to return in-person, and we will make a decision about the other conferences after the 2023 editions happen later this year.

Overall, we are trying to balance between the accessibility of virtual events and the human interaction value of in-person events. The other major factor is organizer energy and availability, given that running a conference is a lot of work across many members of our organizer teams.

We’re really grateful for the support that the community has given us throughout the past few years, and we’re excited to see what the future holds for our events.

Community Board Updates

Our Community Board has been meeting each quarter for all of 2023, and we have been posting meeting summaries for each meeting.

The current structure of the board includes the team leads from each of our teams, and each of our conference chairs. This allows us to get a good cross-section of the community, and share information between the teams.

Meetup Updates

The Meetup team is focusing on updating organizer resources and streamlining communication. To support our efforts, the Meetup team lead Rose Williams created an organizer mailing list and distributed a meetup activity survey. The survey asked about meetup activity and collected ideas for evolving the local and regional meetup structure. The Meetup team is currently reviewing the survey results and deciding on next steps.

We appreciate all of the hard work that meetup organizers do to keep their communities engaged, and will continue to work with the meetup teams to adapt to the current the global landscape. If you want to start a new meetup or join an existing meetup, check out the Meetups page on our website.

Salary Survey

Our annual salary survey gathers data about salaries for people working in documentation and related fields around the world. Results of the 2022 salary survey are available on our website.

We’re hoping to launch next year’s survey here soon, but haven’t put the finishing touches on it quite yet. Watch the newsletter for updates in the coming months.

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