Write the Docs 2022 Stats

This year we have done a Write the Docs Community Update - January 2023 post along with our stats, which has more context and information about where we’re headed in 2023.

Unfortunately our Podcast has been in hiatus for a while with no new episodes in 2022, so we have removed it from the stats post.

2022 Stats

We have shared our high-level community stats since 2016, and will continue to do it each year going forward.

You can read our previous posts from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021.


  • 600 attendees in Portland (down from 650)
  • 225 attendees in Prague (down from 330)
  • 100 attendees in Australia (no conference in 2022)

We were excited to see continued success of the virtual conferences, but it definitely felt like more people are slowly yearning to return to in-person. The world has also had another large shock with the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Slack network

Newsletter subscribers

This is across all our various mailing lists (conference-specific and community newsletter).


  • Over 10,000 members (too many to count)

Last year we stopped counting total meetups because we launched Quorum meetups that cover a larger geographic area. We’re excited to see a return to in-person meetups, with the easing of COVID concerns in various areas where we have meetups.


  • 270,000 sessions (up from 250,000)
  • 440,000 page views (up from 395,000)

Our website traffic is generally pretty stable, but we do see spikes around our conferences. This number comes from Google Analytics which many users are blocking, so the numbers are likely much higher in terms of total traffic.


  • 745 commits to our repository (down from 1,193)
  • 26 people who contributed to our repository (down from 30)


Thanks again for being part of our journey,

The Write the Docs team