Announcing Details of Workshop: Tech Writing 101

Announcing Details of Workshop: Tech Writing 101

We’re delighted to announce the details of a Tech Writing 101 workshop as part of the Write the Docs Australia 2018 conference!

Operations manuals, design docs, code comments, email messages, post mortems… writing things down for others is an unavoidable part of the life of an engineer, a UX designer, a product manager, and, of course, a tech writer.

The workshop leads you through a series of pair-work exercises to improve the clarity, readability, and effectiveness of your writing. You’ll learn from an experienced Google technical writer and from each other.

By the end of the session you’ll also think differently about toothbrushes.

Before attending the workshop, you need to do a small amount of pre-reading (~30 minutes reading about basic technical writing concepts):

During the workshop, you’ll apply the principles you’ve read in the prework. We’ve found this method of learning is highly effective. And it’s just plain fun. The workshop has been run at SREcon in Europe 2017 and at SREcon in the US in 2018, where it was very well received. People said they came away with useful skills and cleaner teeth.

Join us

Find the workshop details at Workshop: Tech Writing 101.

We hope you’ll join us in Melbourne, Australia for the conference and for this exciting workshop, where you’ll learn something new about toothbrushes or at least how to write about them.