Write the Docs 2023 Stats

We publish a longer Write the Docs Community Update - January 2024 along with our stats, which has more context and information about where we’re headed.

2023 Stats

We have shared our high-level community stats since 2016, and will continue to do it each year going forward.

You can read our previous posts from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022.


  • 325 in-person attendees in Portland (from 600 online in 2022)
  • 300 online attendees in Atlantic (from 225 online at Prague 2022)
  • 75 in-person attendees in Australia (from 100 online in 2022)

It was great to be back in person in 2023, as well as offer a new approach to our virtual event.

Slack network

Newsletter subscribers

This is across all our various mailing lists (conference-specific and community newsletter).


  • Over 10,000 members (too many to count)


Unfortunately Google Analytics stopped working in 2023, so we don’t have website stats to share.


  • 903 commits to our repository (from 745)
  • 25 people who contributed to our repository (from 26)


Thanks again for being part of our journey,

The Write the Docs team